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Bonus Content + Discord Role
Access to our bonus podcast feed with extra content such as movie commentaries, games, outtakes, and theology discussions.
$1 Tier $1 Subscription $1 Subscription


Show Shout-Out
Every episode while you are a patron at this tier, we will thank you by name on the show!
Includes Lower Tier Rewards
$2 Tier $2 Subscription $2 Subscription


4th Dimensional Fans
Enhanced livestream interactions and livestream bonuses.
Includes Lower Tier Rewards
$4 Tier $4 Subscription $4 Subscription


Final Rating Tie-Breaker
When our Final Rating on a movie or game ends up being a draw, you can submit your own vote and help tip the scales as you see fit.
Includes Lower Tiers Rewards
$5 Tier $5 Subscription $5 Subscription


Personal Patron Picks
We will randomly pick a patron at this level once a quarter who will get to personally pick the movie from our list that they want us to cover and you can elect to be a guest host for that episode. In addition, whenever Francisco finishes a "Quest" game on stream, we will randomly pick a subscriber at this tier who will get to pick the next game from those not yet beaten.
Includes Lower Tiers Rewards
$10 Tier $10 Subscription $10 Subscription


Personal Patron Picks
Receive a sticker based on the art of one of the past months podcast episodes (and occasionally bonus stickers). Mailing address required to receive reward.
Includes Lower Tiers Rewards
$15 Tier $15 Subscription $15 Subscription


Personal Patron Picks
We will create a pixel-art avatar from a picture you send us, which can be used on our Discord or wherever you like (requires at least 2 months of patronage at this level).
Includes Lower Tiers Rewards
$20 Tier $20 Subscription $20 Subscription

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